The 4th of July – Italian Style in Sardina

So the Italians don’t celebrate the 4th?!  Go figure.  But they sure know how to celebrate summer.  They all hit the beach!  The one thing I’ve loved the most about where we live is the easy access to beautiful Mediterranean towns and islands.  But the one that I miss most are the beautiful sand beaches we have in the states.

But I’ve finally found paradise that mixes the best of both worlds.  The charm and beauty of the Italian coast with the luxury of white sand beaches… only an hour flight away.  Benvenuti a Sardinia!  If you look in the travel books you won’t find mention of this hidden gem.  I’m glad – it’s absolutely paradise.

A big island – takes about 5 hours to drive end to end.  It’s a good thing there are airports on either end. You can take a car ferry as well from Rome.  But we took the air – a much quicker option.

Bottom line- Piper is a water lover like her dad.  She can’t get enough of it.  She even runs in with her clothes/shoes on.  She loves to jump in and simply isn’t afraid.  Which  is scary since she can’s swim yet.

We spent most of our time pool side with umbrella drinks and a gorgeous view of the beach.  We did mix it up and hit the beach 2 different afternoons.  The water was warm, and with the white sand bottom it was crystal clear.  Love!  Not to mention our resort, Paradise Resort, was pretty nice.  The landscaping and architecture were beautiful, and the 3 pools with access to the beach was top notch.

In true King fashion, we found a festival.  The biggest in Sardinia – a horse race!  It was fantastic – dusty and crowded, and loud.  The Italians were shooting blanks into the air for no apparent reason other than they love to make loud noises.  Piper was a trooper.  An overall success – it made our trip.

I’m positive we’ll be back to Sardinia many times before we ship off.  Love that island.  It’s the first place in Italy I could see myself living forever… maybe on one of these yachts?

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