Life on Base

So we’ve been here a few weeks and we’re still waiting to hear if we are allowed to live out in town or if we have to live on base.  Due to budget cuts they have a mandatory live on base policy now.  However, they’ve run out of units.  We’re right on the cusp of getting to live out in town.

When we first imagined living in Italy I pictured a romantic cobble stone pathway lined with small cafes and people shouting italian from every rooftop.  Not living with 1000 Americans on a small base 30 mins outside of the city.

Now that we’re here though, I actually kind of like it.  We’re very fortunate that we have Ali – as having a pet allowed us to be in the 2 bedroom 2 bath villas versus the one bedroom hotel room while we’re waiting to hear where they’ll let us live.

The villas are pretty big and come furnished.  Our express shipment of items got here the same day we arrived, so we’ve had some of our personal belongings with us which makes it feel more like home. (Piper’s toys, clothes, towels)



Piper is loving it here as there are tons of kids around with parks on almost every corner.  There are playgroups almost every day and library time once a week.  The Italians that work on base light up when they see babies, so she gets a ton of attention anywhere we go.

She and I haven’t left base on our own yet.  So we spend most of our time at play groups and walking around the base taking care of all the paperwork and classes we need to take…. like getting Ali registered at the Vet,  scheduling our household goods shipment, and getting gas coupons for our rental car.  So we’ve been pretty busy, but we hope to hit one of the markets they have near by next week…. Stay tuned…

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