Italy In Real Life

Living in Italy isn’t always as charming as one would imagine.  Here’s a glimpse of what it’s really like in Bella Napoli…

Aug 13′  First Impressions

Aug 13′ Italian Classes

Sept 13′ Life on Base

Sept 13′ We’ve Got Wheels

Sept 13′ Oktoberfest – NATO Style

Oct 13′ House Hunters International

Oct 13′ The Navy Ball Birthday Celebration

Oct 13′ Halloween Festival on Base

Oct 13′ Piper’s 1st Birthday and Piper’s 1st Halloween

Nov 13′ Downtown Diggs – It’s moving day!

Nov 13′ Love our Italian Neighbors!

Nov 13′ Grocery Shopping the American Way vs the Italian Way

Nov 13′ Bath-time in the City Apartment!

Nov 13′ First Dinner Out in Vomero



First Outing in Napoli – Alone… I’m alive!

Vomero at Christmas