House Hunters International Here We Come!

Ok, so we’re not going to be on HHI – or at least they’ve not responded to my e-mail inquiry.  :-)   But we do need your help in picking out the right place for us.  Which one do you think it will be?!

Though we’ve seen practically everything on the market in the greater Naples area, we haven’t found our perfect Italian Villa yet.  While there’s no place that meets all the items on our wish-list, we have been able to narrow our search to 4 places.  Which one should we choose?  Which one would you chose?


The criteria for our search:

3 beds 2/baths – one with a bathtub, American sized washer/dryer, 1200-2000 sqft, View of the Mediterranean, Close/walk to shops and restaurants,  Updated, A/C, Safe family friendly neighborhood, Parking for 2 cars, 30 min commute to work and support site, some kind of “community” feel for Piper and I, yard area for Ali


Option A – City Living:

Pros: Everything is walking distance – restaurants, markets, parks; Large rooms, Somewhat updated, Italians and Americans in building, Nice landlord, Parks near by for both Ali and Piper

Cons: No View of the Med, No parking (we have to pay 200/car/mo) and the parking is a block away, No bathtub, Only one split unit A/C for the living room, Small European W/D in bathroom, no yard area (closest park is 3 blocks away), traffic can be hairy


Option B – City Living with a View!

Pros: Amazing view, Completely renovated, Hardwood floors, Walking to lots of great restaurants, Boardwalk for running, Grass area for Ali a block away, Playgrounds for Piper on boardwalk

Cons: No bathtub, 45min work commute with traffic, No grocery or markets within walking distance, European W/D in kitchen, Exterior of building (and perhaps some neighbors) are sketchy, some odd smells nearby (can’t tell if it’s gas/storm/sewage systems nearby…or maybe even the Med), No storage space


Option C – Villa in Private Park

Pros: Beautiful Italian marble throughout, Large and spacious, Yard for Ali and Piper, Decent Views of the Med, Private and Gated, Community Pool, Bathtub, Laundry room with full sized W/D, nice landlord, Has 5 restaurants on main road, great commute for Scott, 10 mins to awesome park area, Has a garage attached, Great place to entertain

Cons: Kind of far away, No place to run (no sidewalks), Have to drive to store (5mins) and into town (10mins), Large space (expensive to heat and cool), Rent is more than our housing allowance (we would pay a little out of pocket), Kitchen is separate room with no view of living room.


Option D – Townhome with a View

Pros: Awesome layout (open kitchen to living area), Good size, Nice views with nice yard area for Ali and Piper, Updated, Bathtub, Laundry closet with full size w/d, 5 restaurants on main road (same area as the house), easy commute for Scott, 10 mins to awesome park area

Cons: Kind of far away, No place to run (no sidewalks), Have to drive to store (5 mins) and into town (10mins)


So, as you can tell – it’s a hard decision for sure. We’d love your opinion.  Since we hope you’ll come visit sooner than later, you might as well have a say on where you’ll be staying!

Stay tuned to see what we picked!



  1. I had no idea you had a blog!! So fun. I like options, but think you’ll pick d!

  2. Hi Shannon, Scott & Ms Piper! What s fun adventure!! I so enjoy following all of you!! Even though I usually don’t post much, I just had to chime in! Home is where the heart is, so no matter what you choose, you’ll be very happy just being together .. and I know you know that!!
    That said I vote for D, unless Option E should cone along. My resdobing

  3. Reasoning is that you’re going to meet more people in a TH environment & hopefully make lifelong friends, than you will in the villa. Plus having to drive to shopping & running paths is not so huge as having the convenience of a tub, laundry & parking! I think the strange smell of the Mediterranean would always be unpleasant too (especially if you love fresh air! )
    Cant wait for Chapter 6 .. no doubt in my mind you’ll hoose well!! Hugs to all of you … Sue -)))

  4. Option A, hands down. Every time we walk to the store, the park, post office, bank, etc I’m reminded how I never want to live anywhere where I’m forced to drive for every need. Would it be nice if we had a view of the Potomac? Sure, but that’s stinky too. Granted, we have a nice big house with plenty of A/C and space for guests , but because of the location we’re out and about more than we’re in. We meet friends at the park and restaurants and walking down the street. We’re part of a community and it’s great, and it seems that’s what you’d get with Option A. A small washer/dryer will be hard to get used to, but just wear your clothes more between washes — it’s the European way!

  5. Whatever you decide…best of luck to you and the family!

  6. D. Totally. See you in May!

  7. Oh Shannon, you have been busy. I have to agree with “D”. Piper will love all of the ammenities. And as you well know a happy baby is a happy family. Hardwood floors, awesome European bathroom and large cooking kitchen. Oh the fun times you will have. Now to find a babysitter while you take some local cooking classes. My daugther really enjoyed them when she was there. We hope to get to Italy in 2 years for our 30th Anniversary.

  8. Gaby Preston says:

    I can tell you are leaning toward D, and that is understandable foe it’s many pros, but I’m with adventurous Jess and think you should dive into A and live like a Napolitano. Looking forward to a visit to A,B,C,D or nearest penzione soon. Don’t forget to “reveal” which one you guys choose. :)

  9. Just found your blog as a result of your beautiful Christmas card. Loved every bit of it. Brought back many memories of the 4 trips we have taken to Italy.

    So – which of the above did you settle on???

    Loved seeing the whole family together last month. We then had a great time here with Linda Jay Tommy, Kyle, Erin and her boyfriend Kevin.

    Love to all!!!

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