G’ma and G’pa King visit

Two weeks with G’ma and G’pa was simply not enough time.  Piper LOVED having them here and hasn’t stopped talking about “KING” as she so fondly refers to them. 


Their trip was a perfect blend of travel and relaxation.  After a few days of getting adjusted to the time change we hit the ground running with a multi-city tour of the Amalfi starting with Ravello.  We arrived on the town’s Saint’s Day – a really cool tradition here in Italy – Every city has a Saint and inturn a holiday to celebrate that particular Saint.  We enjoyed sitting in the piazza listening to a small marching band play during the afternoon. 


We spent several days enjoying the sites around Ravello before heading to Possitano for a day trip on our way to Sorrento. 


From Sorrento we took a ferry to Capri where Mary, Will and Scott enjoyed the Blu Gratto while Piper and I found the most lovely (and expensive) restaurant on the coast where Piper crashed out and drank, I mean… ate lunch.  It was a perfect day!

In Sorrento we enjoyed the usual sites and shopping.  We also had a bit of a scare with Ali – as she travels with us everywhere we go – being 14 yrs old it’s getting harder on her I’m sure.  We had an emergency visit to the vet as she developed an ulcer on her eye- pretty unsightly – not to mention she can’t see with it – but I’m happy to report she’s on the mend!

After the Amalfi we spent several days back in Napoli – enjoying  the markets, the old town, the views and the general sites around the city.

We took day trips to Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii – both are pretty stunning.

Two weeks wasn’t long enough – we had hoped to do the East coast and some of Southern Italy.  Next time!  Piper sure misses her “Kings.” 

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