First Impressions: Just Look Past the Trash

So before we got here, any time I told someone familiar with Italy where we were moving they’d say,  “I hope you like chaos and trash.”  And I suppose they were right, but like any city it’s pretty amazing if you can look past the trash.

It’s perfectly located on the Mediterranean with views of Mt Vesuvius from almost anywhere you go.  I think the landscape is the prettiest of any place I’ve lived…


The people here are incredibly nice.  Most speak English or Spanish.  It’s been really easy to get around – yet I’ve not ventured off base by myself, so we’ll see how that goes once I have wheels.

The lifestyle seems pretty cool.  Everyone shops at the open air markets for fresh fruits and veggies.


You’ll even find fresh fish, olives, meat markets and bread shops.


The daily shots of espresso or cappuccinos sure beat the Starbucks routine and the food is incredible.  We can eat a 5 course meal with house wine for 15 euro a person.


The buildings leave a lot to be desired.  They all look the same – concrete square 3+ story apartment type buildings… and they are everywhere… as far as the eye can see.  They are built right on top of each other.  Naples is a very densely populated city.



They have trash issues, so people just burn their trash at all hours of the day.  The air usually smells of smoke, something I noticed the first few weeks here.  Sad thing is I’m used to it now.  When my eyes burn I realize it’s the smoke, but that’s really the only thing that triggers the smell now.

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 1.33.13 PM

Unemployment rates are high here, so it’s considered to be a poor city.  The petty theft crime rates are high – so we try to be vigilant about pick-pockets and taking everything out of our car.

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 1.33.25 PM

Funny thing about parking here – when you park for free on the city street- no matter the time of day – you will be approached by an Italian holding out his had – you give him a Euro to watch your car.  Rumor has it if you don’t, your car will be broken into.  So we keep Euros on hand!  It’s an easy insurance policy. (I hear american snack foods like oreos and diorites work wonders too.)


All in all I’d say we are adventurous people, and this city is full of just that.  And if we care to hop in the car we can be any number of amazing sites with in 30mins to an hour.  I’m sure the differences will get to us sometimes, but the excitement of really experiencing a new culture should far out weigh the inconveniences.  At least that’s what we are telling ourselves :)


Here’s to our little Italian adventure!

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