Father’s Day in Rome

Why not?!  Our friends Wendi and David were in Italy for 3 weeks with Wendi’s family and ended their vacation in Rome.  Being so close we hopped on the one hour fast train on Friday after work and were checked into our appartment, changed and ready to eat with Wendi’s family at 8:30.  The Italians have the ease of travel down to a science, thankfully!

It was great catching up with them and being in a city where everyone speaks English – it was truly like being on vacation.  Everything was relaxing – great friends, food and vino… oh and the sites too.  Scott and I have both visited Rome several times – but it’s such a huge city and there is so much to see and do.  Even if it is just sitting in a Piazza drinking and taking in the sites (and yes tourist watching is just as entertaining as it sounds), we loved every minute of it.


Piper was a trooper as always- she’s a natural traveler – sleeps well in strange places (she should since she “lived”  in 5 houses before she was a year old),  and loves running around the different sites. It’s good thing as there is so much to see in Rome… we could do this city a dozen more times and not see it all.

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