Croatia 14′

Croatia – the land of 1000 islands is simply stunning. Our photos don’t do it justice. It’s the one country so far that we know we’ll visit again before we head home in a few years. The cities are unlike any in Europe that we’ve seen. It’s almost as if they take the best of everything… The medieval walls of Rothenberg , the Cascading hillside towns of the Amalfi, the islands of Greece… the food was great, there were a modest amount of tourist for end of August, and the people were lovely. Needless to say, we loved it here!

Oh and yes, one of the highlights was our drive from Split to Dubrovnik- it was a late night with winding roads along the coastline. Poor Piper was car sick and we were all ready to get to Dubrovnik. Two hours into the drive we approach a boarder crossing… into Bosnia! What a hoot. So we not only visited Croatia, but we did manage to stop and buy some wine in Bosnia.

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