Carnival Anyone?!

Carnival in Italia? Yes please!  With Piper in tow?  Why not?!  Italians LOVE babies and children.  They pretty much do everything with them, including celebrate carnival.  We decided to make a long weekend out of it.  And spent our Valentines Day in Rome.  We hopped the fast train up to Rome on Friday night and stayed at a lovely hotel Copa Africa, near the Coliseum.  They recommended a lovely place for dinner – Gios “Joes” they had the best eggplant stack I’ve had since being here – which btw I never ate eggplant in the state.  They really know how to make a variety of dishes with it here and I just love it!  After eating entirely too much food we took a stroll at night to see the coliseum lite up.  Beautiful. 

Saturday we spend the day seeing the sites that were walking distance from the coloseium to the Trevi fountain.  We only had a until 4 in Rome until our train left for Via Reggio, the city hosting carnival. 

Via Reggio is a cute little beach community north of Rome in Tuscany.  They had a real beach with white sand here – it was a bit cold and very windy so while our hotel overlooked the beach we didn’t venture out there.  Sunday morning we took the train to Pisa to see what every tourist dreams of seeing in Italy… the leaning tower… And guess what?  It really leans. 

It was a nice way to pass a few hours of our time, but really not a must see on my list for future travelers – it’s kind of out of the way – so unless you’re in a town nearby  I’d say skip it.

After our morning trip we headed back to Via Reggio to meet some friends the Barris and their kids to partake in carnival.  I wasn’t sure what to expect- but it was legit with HUGE floats( and lots of them,) loud music, food, and street vendors galore. 



Piper loved it!  Confetti, friends and bright colors really entertained her.  It was fun!  All in all it was a fantastic Valentines Day weekend.  I’m really liking this place called Italy! 


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