Car Trouble

It’s bad when you put unleaded in a diesel car.  Mind you, here in Italy they pump your gas for you… but we’re guilty for not catching it I suppose.  It’s even worse when it’s at 11pm Saturday night.  Thankfully we had made it to the edge of our section of the city right after we exited the highway.  Bad news was we couldn’t find parking, so we illegally parked.  It was only a 20 minute walk to our house.  But we were pretty worried about what to do next?

My Italian is pretty spotty at best – I’ve got my basic conversations down – but what do I know about cars – much less how to translate that to Italian?  So we decided to ask our Italian neighbors, friends, and parking garage attendants for advice.  We had several recommendations, but they were the normal, I know of a garage, but you’ll have to call on Monday.   Then we spoke to Sergio and Anna, our favorite Baristas…

Sergio picked up the phone right then and there and called his favorite mechanic.  He said his “dear friends from Texas need your help.”  Of course his first question back to Sergio was, “Do they have a Pistola?” Within a minute we were handing our car key over to Sergio with written directions on where to find our car using the tag for identification.

We never even spoke to or met the mechanic.  Our car was fixed in a day and cost way less than we anticipated!  Better service than we would have gotten in the States for sure.  The best part, which Sergio left out until we got our car back from him was that the mechanic was on vacation a few hours away.  He drove up to fix our can and return back to his family the same day.  (VERY unItalian of him)

All in all, what could have been a nightmare was easy.  All thanks to our dear friends Sergio and Anna!

Lesson Learned:  Be nice to your baristas and they’ll take care of you!

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