Caiazzo for Pizza

Our very first weekend here, Scott’s boss invited us to a night out for some Italian pizza in an historic town. How could we say no?!  So we headed to Caiazzo 40 minutes outside of Naples in the foothills of some mountain.  This quant little town was founded around 300 B.C though the oldest thing we saw (from afar) came from the middle ages – the Lombard Castle and ancient city walls.  The quite streets are exactly what we expected to find – cobble stone with beautiful old concrete buildings everywhere.  Quite frankly, Caiazzo is what I imagined all Italian towns to look like.

We only had about an hour to explore the town, so we’ll have to head back another time.  Our real reason for going was the Pizza.  Which I thought was fantastic.  If the line in a small town is any indication of the restaurants’ popularity, then we were in the right spot.

Since we were with a group of Scott’s co-workers we did  it family style where they just brought out whatever the kitchen thought we’d like.  Basically we had about 10 different kinds of pizza.  They seemed disappointed when we told them we didn’t want the last few pizzas.  There is only so much bread you can eat! All of it was delicious.

Afterwards we hit a gelato stand and watched the Italians come to life late at night.  Kids were running everywhere.  There was just a fun buzz about. Piper however didn’t get the message.  She was passed out around 10pm.  Poor girl.

All in all, it was a fun little get away.  Worth a trip back at some point to explore a bit more and maybe for another bite of pizza!

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