Buona Pasqua

Living in a country that celebrates religion as a holiday is an amazing experience.  It makes me pause to think that we in the US truly separate State and Religion.  While it’s hard to recognize, it’s evident when you live in a country that doesn’t. 

We started the weekend off by making it a three day weekend (thank you Scott for using one of your vacation days) in Sorrento.  Our Italian neighbors mentioned the festivities that take place there – it’s a week long celebration.  We made it for the Thursday evening march.  At 8pm and 2am there was processional through the streets.  It was somber – everyone dressed in black, chanting while carrying torches and crosses.  There were thousands involved in the march – signifying finding Christ on dead on the cross and the sadness that his followers and mother felt.  

It was an experience I won’t forget. 

The weather was beautiful that weekend.  We enjoyed the sites, especially a small fishing village we had not seen before where we spend most of the afternoon  Friday. 


Saturday morning we returned to Napoli and enjoyed a rainy day at home. 

Easter Sunday we visited the only English speaking church near our home for service, and then spent a beautiful afternoon at a friends house with her family and one other family.

It was a perfect afternoon, the traditional Easter meal made us feel at home and Piper loved her first real Easter egg hunt with all the kids!  It was fun afternoon.



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