Bella Capri

The weather has been beautiful this week – around 70 each day!  We decided to get away for the weekend and take the fast boat to Capri.  Such an easy commute for us – take the funiculari down to the port and hop on the 40 min. hydrofoil.  In less than an hour and half we were in Bella Capri!

It was great being here in the off season.  While most of the stores and hotels on the island were closed in preparation for the high season – which kicks off Easter weekend – it was still a treat.  The island itself is pretty large, difficult to get around all the way by car – in fact they limit cars to only the residents.  You have to either take a taxi or a boat to tour around the island.  We opted to stay in Capri and walk most everywhere we went. 


We enjoyed the little Piazza – as usual – with cappuccini and panini  - and walking around the beautiful island.  The highlight was us taking the stroller on a trek that isn’t intended for strollers- a ton of stairs and off the beaten path rocks later we made it in a few hours – with great memories and pics to prove we made it!

It’s easy to imagine what this island will be like in high season – and understand why it’s a top destination for people from around the world.  It’s simply beautiful here.  I know we’ll be back often!

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