First Italian Vacation – Amalfi Coast

When Scott suggested we take Labor Day weekend and explore one of the closest areas to Naples, the Amalfi Coast, I couldn’t argue with him.  We are living in a hotel and have nothing but time on our hands.  Plus the thought of getting away from the smoke filled air and craziness of Naples was pretty appealing.

Being the last weekend in August we were worried the coast would be crowded, as the Italians take this time off and head to the beaches.  But to our delight it wasn’t too bad.

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One could spend a week parading through the towns along the Amalfi Coast, only having a few days we just saw parts of it.  But what we saw was stunning.  Imagine small town after town situated on a huge rock mountain peninsula that jets into the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

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We stayed in Ravello, a quick 45min – hour drive from Naples.  To get there we went over the mountains directly to the town.  Had it been just Scott and I we would have driven the coastline from Sorrento around, but with Piper and Ali in tow, we thought we’d spare them the long car trip.

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Ravello was simply charming, known for the views overlooking several other coastal towns.  We found the perfect little hotel to stay in, Villa Fraulo, a 300 year old home situated in the heart of  Ravello.


We spent one of our days exploring the old city.  Note to future travelers: Be prepared to do a lot of walking on uneven surfaces, up and down hills.  They do have a pretty good ramp you can use if you have a stroller, like we did.  One of the many highlights was just enjoying one of the outdoor cafes in the square.


We spent a few hours just wandering Villa Cimbrone Gardens – a perfect wedding spot for anyone looking. It’s grounds were full of statues and had plenty of room for Piper to practice her cruising.

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That evening we found a quaint Italian food restaurant (imagine that.)  The food was yummy, and the table wine was perfect!  Exactly the reason we moved to Italy.

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On Sunday we made the 45 min drive from Ravello to Positano to spend the day with the crowds at the shops and on the pebble filled beaches. Stunning views, lovely architecture, and great people watching with all the hustle and bustle of the tourist strolling in and out of shops along the steep hillside village.


The beach wasn’t exactly what I’d call a beach – but it didn’t seem to deter the sun worshiping Italians on vacation.  Instead of white sand beaches they have gray stones that fill the space.  It kind of reminds me of Stone Steps pebbles for those of you San Diegoians.  The water was crystal clear and rather warm.

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All in all we had a great time and can’t wait for visitors to come so we can explore more of it.  It was the perfect place to start our Italian adventure and celebrate Piper’s 10 month birthday – Amalfi style!

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Ciao for now!

The Kings

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